Hyperlane Soroban Integration

Project Genesis:

Hyperlane stands at the forefront of blockchain interoperability, offering a revolutionary protocol that enables seamless message transfers across diverse chains. Embracing an open-source philosophy, Hyperlane extends its capabilities to any chain willing to integrate its cutting-edge technology. Our recent collaboration with the Soroban chain community set the stage for one of our most challenging and rewarding projects to date.

Technical Ingenuity and Team Upskilling:

Soroban chain, a platform distinguished by its unique Rust-based language, posed a significant challenge due to its departure from the standard Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environment. Our past experiences with Near and Hedera had primed us for such an undertaking. Aware of the necessity to align our team’s skill set with Soroban’s distinct framework, we embarked on an intensive learning initiative. We dedicated resources to rapidly upskill our team in Rust and immersed ourselves in the nuances of the Soroban chain.

Strategic Development and Execution:

With a strong emphasis on technical fluency, we meticulously planned the migration of contracts from EVM to Soroban’s language. This strategic process was not merely a translation of code but a re-envisioning of it to harmonize with Soroban’s architecture. Our proactive approach ensured that the upskilling of our team was aligned with the project’s timeline, demonstrating an effective balance between skill development and product delivery.

Learnings and Project Impact:

This project served as a profound learning experience in managing the dynamic interplay between team capabilities and project requirements. It highlighted the importance of investing in team development and the strategic planning necessary to meet delivery milestones. Our success in integrating Hyperlane with Soroban has not only expanded our technological horizons but also solidified our reputation for executing complex projects with precision.


As the project manager, I led our team through a journey of growth and adaptation, culminating in the successful integration of Hyperlane into the Soroban chain. This endeavor has underscored the value of continuous learning, agility, and the seamless execution of high-stakes projects in the ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem.