Under the communal ethos of Pangolin and its dedication to truly open-source principles, we embarked on an ambitious project to evolve our decentralized exchange (DEX) into a service that could seamlessly integrate with the entire Avalanche ecosystem. Our aim was to embody the open, collaborative spirit of Pangolin and provide a utility that could be adopted and customized across various platforms within our network.


The project, named “DEX as a Service,” was conceived to offer a suite of modular widgets that could be effortlessly incorporated into different applications. This service was designed to allow seamless embedding of Pangolin’s core functionalities into partner platforms with minimal coding required—only 2-3 lines in most instances.


As the Project Manager, I led the process of breaking down Pangolin’s website into a series of independent, modular components. A significant emphasis was placed on flexibility, offering comprehensive CSS control to partnering applications. This ensured that when integrating our widgets, partners could tailor the appearance to align with their branding, maintaining their unique design language without disrupting their established design systems.

Technical and Design Innovation:

Our team developed a sophisticated yet user-friendly modular system, which not only democratized the access to DEX functionalities but also empowered partner applications with a high degree of customization. By offering our widgets as modular components, we effectively set a new standard for interoperability within the Avalanche ecosystem.

Lessons and Professional Growth:

Managing the ‘DEX as a Service’ project was a masterclass in handling multifaceted tasks and driving a large-scale modular project to fruition. It honed my skills in cross-functional coordination, modular thinking, and the agile project management necessary for such a decentralized undertaking. The project’s success reinforced the importance of clear vision, detailed planning, and adaptability in product development.


‘DEX as a Service’ is a testament to Pangolin’s commitment to community-driven innovation and represents a significant step towards a more integrated and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem. The project not only expanded Pangolin’s reach across the Avalanche network but also equipped me with invaluable insights into managing and executing complex, modular projects.