Project Overview:

Pangolin stands as a paragon of decentralized finance (DeFi), initially conceived as a community-owned decentralized exchange (DEX). Our commitment to decentralization was further solidified as our team assumed control through a governance vote, reinforcing the foundational ethos of Pangolin. With a successful track record, we embarked on an ambitious journey to go crosschain, bringing Pangolin’s unique value to a wider audience.

Crosschain Challenges and Innovations:

The transition to a crosschain platform was a significant milestone, presenting a novel set of challenges. Each chain hosted its own iteration of Pangolin, complete with distinct tokens and an inherent need for a tailored governance system. We recognized the limitations of traditional governance in the context of our SAR (Stake-And-Reward) staking system. To encourage active participation without penalizing our loyal stakeholders, we ingeniously redesigned the governance contract to integrate seamlessly with SAR stake positions.

Technical Hurdles and Strategic Solutions:

During the integration process, we identified a critical dependency: the necessity for a subgraph to facilitate effective governance. This was particularly challenging, as Flare and Songbird networks lacked native subgraph integration. Demonstrating exceptional problem-solving skills, our team devised an expedited plan to implement governance components on these chains.

Learning and Growth:

This project was a testament to the importance of foresight and crisis management. We navigated unforeseen challenges with swift decision-making and strategic planning, ensuring that the essence of community governance was preserved across multiple blockchains. This experience has reinforced the significance of adaptability and meticulous planning in the dynamic landscape of DeFi.


As we reflect on the successful implementation of crosschain governance for Pangolin, we celebrate our resilience and innovation in the face of complexity. Our journey has not only fortified our platform but also provided invaluable insights into crisis response and the pivotal role of planning in project management.