Introduction to Pangolin Elixir:

In an evolving DeFi landscape, Pangolin Elixir stands as a testament to innovation and agile development. Originating as a fork of Uniswap V3, our vision was to revolutionize the Avalanche ecosystem by integrating concentrated liquidity, a feature poised to enhance market depth and optimize earnings for liquidity providers.

Project Inception:

The journey began with a focused mission: to import the benefits of concentrated liquidity to Avalanche and marry it with lucrative farming opportunities. Our contract development team embarked on the intricate task of synthesizing Uniswap V3 contracts with newly crafted farm contracts, ensuring compatibility and functionality within the Avalanche environment.

The Shift Towards a More Profitable Model:

Concentrated liquidity was the cornerstone of Pangolin Elixir, destined to elevate our platform above the traditional offerings of Uniswap V2 by providing liquidity providers with the potential for greater profits and a superior product experience.

Strategic Collaboration and Pivot:

As we were on the cusp of launching, an unexpected opportunity presented itself. A third-party provider introduced a vault system that could work seamlessly with our Uniswap V3 fork. This partnership was serendipitous, revealing a novel approach to our farming mechanism through the use of ERC20 tokens representing positions in liquidity pools.

Embracing Flexibility and Innovation:

Without hesitation, we pivoted. Abandoning our custom farm contracts, we adapted to incorporate the vault provider’s solution, demonstrating remarkable flexibility and a keen eye for superior alternatives. This swift strategic realignment allowed us to integrate the third-party vaults into our user interface, establishing farms using their ERC20 position tokens.

Learning and Leading Through Adaptation:

The project underscored a valuable lesson in the significance of adaptability and the courage to pivot when faced with more viable options, irrespective of previous investments. It has been a prime example of effective project management, from identifying opportunities to making tough decisions that forgo sunk costs for greater rewards.


Pangolin Elixir is not just a product; it is a narrative of ingenuity, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As we prepare to introduce this novel solution to the Avalanche ecosystem, we stand firm in our belief that this platform will not only serve our users but also redefine the standard of liquidity provision in DeFi.