Dextroy Online

Introduction to Dextroy:

As the visionary and project manager behind Dextroy, I orchestrated the inception and development of an innovative 2D RPG-style turn-based game that redefines the intersection of gaming and earning. Aligning with a team of passionate gamers and investors, we sought to not merely create a game but to craft an ecosystem where the thrill of gaming coalesces with financial reward.

Project Genesis:

Dextroy was born from a desire to harness the enthusiasm of the gaming community and channel it into a sustainable, play-to-earn economic model. The project was self-funded, leveraging an initial investment that supported a team of like-minded individuals driven by a shared ambition to innovate within the gaming space.

The Challenge:

The gaming market is saturated with titles that prioritize monetization over player experience. Our challenge was to disrupt this norm by delivering a game that maintained high-quality entertainment while incorporating a financial mechanism that rewarded players for their engagement and skills.

Strategic Approach:

My role encompassed the financial architecture of the game, ensuring a balanced economy that could sustain player earnings without compromising gameplay quality. Managing the creative team, I focused on integrating compelling game mechanics with the play-to-earn concept, ensuring that each element contributed to an engaging and rewarding experience.

Collaboration and Management:

The project demanded a nuanced approach to team coordination, requiring a seamless integration of various departments including finance, game design, and creative content. I developed and implemented a collaborative framework that allowed for a cohesive effort across these diverse functional areas.

Financial Hurdle and Project Hibernation:

Despite our progress and the robustness of our team, the volatility of the market prompted a strategic decision to hibernate the project. This pause not only safeguarded our investment but also provided a vital learning opportunity in market responsiveness and risk management.

Key Learnings and Takeaways:

Dextroy was a comprehensive learning journey that honed my capabilities in team founding, departmental management, and maintaining cohesion within a multifaceted project environment. The financial hiatus re-emphasized the importance of agile financial planning in the face of market unpredictability.

Future Prospects:

Awaiting more favorable market conditions, Dextroy stands ready to emerge as a leading play-to-earn game, equipped with a resilient foundation and a dedicated team poised to re-engage with the project’s mission.


As a project manager, I am proud of the groundwork laid for Dextroy. The project exemplifies entrepreneurial determination, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and adaptability to market dynamics. I look forward to reigniting the project’s development and steering it towards success in the future gaming marketplace.