Project Overview:

As a project manager at Bridgeswap, I spearheaded a cutting-edge initiative to develop a bridge aggregator that would revolutionize the way users interact with cross-chain transactions. Our partnership with leading services like Li.Fi, Rango Exchange, and Axelar was instrumental in achieving our goal to offer users the most advantageous deal across a plethora of blockchain networks.

The Challenge:

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi), users frequently encounter the daunting task of finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to move assets between different chains. The challenge was to create a solution that not only aggregated deals across multiple platforms but also made the integration process for new bridges straightforward and seamless.

Innovative Approach:

Bridgeswap was conceptualized to be a dynamic, all-encompassing aggregator capable of searching through offers from tens of different bridges to recommend the best deal for users, spanning 16 distinct blockchain networks. The platform was meticulously designed to be fully dynamic, allowing any bridge or bridge aggregator to integrate with ease.

Execution and Documentation:

A key component of Bridgeswap’s success was the creation of a well-documented system that facilitated decentralized, autonomous integration by third-party bridge services. This approach was integral to ensuring that the platform remained robust and adaptive to the inclusion of new technologies and services without direct oversight from the Pangolin team.

Results and Learning Outcomes:

Through Bridgeswap, we achieved an unprecedented level of independence for third-party teams, who were able to integrate their bridges into our ecosystem without requiring hands-on assistance. This project was a valuable lesson in the crucial role of thorough documentation in software development and the significant advantages of dynamic system design. The outcome was a testament to the power of enabling collaborative development and fostering an ecosystem where different technologies can come together to enhance user experience.


Bridgeswap stands as a beacon of innovation in the bridge aggregator space, demonstrating a commitment to user empowerment and blockchain interoperability. My experience managing this project has underscored the indispensability of clear documentation and flexible development frameworks in creating a platform that is both scalable and accessible, further sharpening my project management and technical coordination skills.