App Redesign


In September 2021, I embarked on a transformative journey with Pangolin, a leading name in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. My mission was to overhaul their app’s UI/UX to elevate user experience and brand perception, leveraging my dual insights as a professional UI/UX designer and an active user of their platform.

Understanding the Brand:

The project commenced with an in-depth exploration of Pangolin’s brand identity. Through a series of interviews with clients and stakeholders, we discovered a key brand perception: users regarded Pangolin as a beacon of safety amidst the turbulent seas of DeFi. This insight became the cornerstone of our rebranding strategy, executed in collaboration with renowned designer Ahmet Yatğin.

Benchmarking and UI/UX Design:

To differentiate Pangolin, we conducted comprehensive benchmark studies to analyze competitors’ offerings. The prevalent design approach in DeFi platforms was largely derivative, tracing back to Uniswap’s incremental updates. Instead of following this piecemeal tactic, we opted for a ground-up redesign with the aim to create a seamless, all-encompassing user experience. This involved integrating innovative features like wallet and coin tracking within the app.

Innovative Concept Development:

Our commitment to a user-centric approach led to the fusion of the pool and farm functions into a singular, intuitive interface. This integration not only simplified operations for users but also positioned Pangolin as a market innovator, setting a new standard for the user experience in DeFi applications.

Collaboration and Implementation:

The collaborative efforts with the development team were pivotal. Leading Dev Sarju Hansaliya and rest of the team skillfully employed React to bring the envisioned UI to life. During this phase, I gained valuable insights into the technical requisites of React-based implementations. Post-design, I actively engaged with the QA team to ensure the application’s functionality was flawless, and we triumphed in delivering the project within the stipulated timeline.


The Pangolin app redesign was a resounding success, marked by an increase in user engagement and a strengthened brand identity. This project stands as a testament to the power of user-focused design, strategic branding, and cross-disciplinary collaboration in creating products that resonate with users and lead the market.