“As much as they can reach with the spear.”

Spartan King Archidamus once answered as such when asked How much land Spartans controlled.

This philosophy has shaped who I am.

This perspective balances a realistic understanding of one’s influence with an ambitious view of one’s potential. It instills a focus on what is within my reach and capability, channeling my efforts and aspirations into what I can directly impact and achieve.

Story Time

Abdullah Emin Bayraklılar, a dedicated professional based in Turkiye, began my career journey as a freelance web designer, crafting websites for small entrepreneurs and stores.

This foundation in design transitioned into a specialized role in UI design, where I contributed significantly to projects like and, among others. Afterwards my career evolved into product management, a role in which I found my true calling, appreciating the holistic perspective it offered.

My focus then shifted to Artificial Intelligence and large language models, leading me to my current role at Ortege AI, where I am instrumental in developing a cutting-edge blockchain analytics product powered by AI. My journey reflects a deep commitment to evolving in the technology sphere, consistently aligning with the forefront of innovation.

White abstract geometric artwork from Dresden, Germany

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