Strategy, Leadership, and Lifelong Learning

Fusing Vitruvius’s ideals with a zeal for AI and blockchain, advocating for liberty in markets and self.

A passion for cutting-edge innovation

Embracing change, I actively seek and adapt to new challenges, constantly striving for the forefront of progress.


Leadership in uncharted territories isn’t about leading the way alone; it’s about empowering everyone to forge their path while aligning collectively with the shared vision.


Effective communication in complex situations requires consistent dialogue. It’s not about staying informed; it’s about enhancing progress through cooperation


In a world shrouded in uncertainty, problem-solving becomes less about having all the answers and more about skillfully managing chaos.

Market Awareness

Where complete knowledge is unattainable, the key lies in cultivating a deep, intimate, and personal connection with the product. From such relationships, true insights emerge.


In a market brimming with distractions and noise, it becomes crucial to channel all attention and energy toward your product and nothing else.


Sustainable product development embodies a long-term vision with enduring principles. Involves crafting products with longevity in mind, thereby creating a lasting impact.

A proven trackrecord

A track record in product, from ideation to the production, is marked by managing chaos through effective communication and unwavering dedication to original vision.

Ortege AI

  • Alignment between engineering, design and strategy.
  • Leading effective communication within team.
  • Advocating product centered approach.
Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

Pangolin Exchange

  • Alignment between talent pool.
  • Redesigning interface
  • Advocating for community and brand

“Any product that needs manual to work is broken”

Peter F. Drucker